Big data financial services – mitigating operational and profit risk for FS via data and analytics

The Finance sector is swamped with data. To generate the maximum ROI across your enterprise, analytics must extract value that will drive business intelligence and enhance decision making capabilities in real time delivery.

Join the 4th annual Big Data FS Summit, July 1st – 2nd 2015. To ensure that we address the biggest challenges facing our Financial Services community in the new year – we look to our speakers, delegates, partners and network of executive FS contributors to engage with the crucial topics that are driving their business concerns in the coming year.

Top of the agenda for our FS community:

Maximising opportunity within highly regulated markets to drive performance - Regulators appear to be losing their patience with institutions, as indicated by the increase in fines, and scrutiny, a trend that does not seem likely to change soon. Mitigate your regulation and compliance risk via robust data analytics management systems. Build loyalty with your clients through compliance friendly opportunities that exploit data insight to drive performance and profit.

Mitigating operational risk to optimise performance results - In order to ensure that you deliver the optimal performance results across your enterprise: align data insight advocacy to KPI’s and generate risk reduction performance goals.

Top challenges for the 2015 Big Data FS agenda to address:

  • Embedding incremental analytics to overcome the challenges of silo’s and extensive legacy systems in the infrastructure
  • Calculating Capital – examine best practice case study applications of data insight for optimal wealth management
  • Overcoming pain points associated with reputational risk through insight fuelled communication
  • Knowing the customer: create one view of customer through collated insight
  • Achieving internal transparency through your data management platform to optimise to deliver collaborative actions in near time

What’s new for 2015 agenda - examine with your FS peer community:

Mitigating operational risk day – extract the value from your data that will enhance performance and reduce risk via our collection of case studies, exclusive insights, peer reviews and executive led collaboration techniques.Seminar Series workshop – explore in niche focus groups the greatest challenges that are hampering your organisations ability to drive value from its data.Big Data & Analytics Circuit Training – flex your data analytics muscle with this series of interactive group challenges and push yourselves to deliver innovative solutions that can transfer into your company projects.

Our speakers and delegates say it best – top challenges for Financial Services 2015:

CHALLENGE - “Its all about people, process, culture, technology should support the people” David Watkins, Chief Data Officer, RSA

CHALLENGE - “Creating a Data Strategy for senior leaders” Data Architect, Lloyds Banking Group, Big Data FS 2014 delegate

CHALLENGE – “Driving analytics innovation” Head of Analytics, Aviva, Big Data FS 2014, delegate

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